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Nee 4/13/2014 4:52 AM
We now finally have our *GUILD BANK* !! ( must be 'Knight' rank or higher...and have applied here w/ Questionaire)
Nee 4/2/2014 1:47 AM
Also: the main guild ALLIANCE is: 'Ebonheart Pact'
Nee 4/2/2014 1:37 AM
Our SERVER is the 'North American megaserver' and i can be reached in-game: @Nee
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Our new *Ebonheart Pact* aligned guild: KoM (The Knights of Masser) was re-founded in February 2014, in anticipation of 'The Elder Scrolls Online'.  We were, and some of us still are, formerly a SWTOR-based guild called 'TEAM' (The Elder Alliance Militia) .  As always, we are still focused on cultivating like-minded Players who enjoy working together for common goals, while still allowing freedom for personal endeavors.  *Quality* over 'quantity'. -- Guild Leader, Nee
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Welcome to our new WEBSITE...

Elder-Nee, Dec 13, 11 10:26 AM.
WELCOME to our official *website*!! - I will be updating/editing our site as much as possible over the coming days/weeks during the ESO launch, since our previous guild info (for SWTOR) is now out-dated.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Elder-Nee, Dec 13, 11 6:35 AM.
Our website is LIVE and  EARLY ACCESS begins on March 30th!!  Our *server* is the NORTH AMERICAN megaserver, exacly the same as when some of us were in 'Open BETA' (and our primary alliance = 'Ebonheart Pact' ) .  See  ASAP for further details.
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